13 Teams Want Roberto Carlos This Summer

13 Teams Want Roberto Carlos This Summer

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 9, 2007

Expect all 13 MLS teams to be interested in the Real Madrid defender when summer strolls along. He has stated that he is looking to get out of Spain (mostly Madrid) when his contract runs up.

No word on if he will want to actually come west the MLS. But, who’s to say there isn’t a strong possibility if a team like New York or Chicago doesn’t pony up the money and try and land him.

My take, hey the guy still has some gas in the tank. He is 33 though. Not exactly the young blood that the MLS wants to attract. I have to say I am a little indifferent about the possibility of Roberto Carlos coming to America and play in the MLS. To me I think its a double edge sword. Its good because it brings another big name that can produce some more to the league but it also could continue to make the league out to be a retirement league for older players that are looking to get out of the European soccer scene and play in an environment that won’t have crazy writers and fans all over their every moves.

I am sure the league will look for him and go after him like they should.