Crew Land Rogers

Crew Land Rogers

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 8, 2007

The ping-pong ball fell the Columbus Crew’s way today in the lottery for Robbie Rogers.

It was reported that the Crew had the best odds of landing the former Maryland star who left school after one year to play in Europe for Dutch side Heerenveen.

Both Toronto and DC put in the bids for the most part early on that lead to the lottery. Rogers mostly wanted to go to the new Canadian side but had been training in Maryland and possibly would go to DC if it presented itself.

Columbus landing Rogers comes as no surprise. One could think the lottery was a little rigged in the Crews favor. Some are even saying that Toronto had no shot in the lottery to being with since they were last on the pecking order under DC. Kind of a weird lottery system the league has for these sort of things. Honestly, I would have rather seen this kid to go a team that he wanted to play with (which most are saying Toronto was it). But the Crew do need help right now more than anyone so the handout for the Crew is Rogers. Hopefully it is worth it.