Six To Step Up

Six To Step Up

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 7, 2007

Beginning my pre-season coverage of the MLS. I figure a good place to begin with is six (why six?, I like six…that’s why) guys who I would like to see step up this year and prove to me and probably to a lot of people that they deserve their wages and their status with their respective teams.

I know there are quite a few guys out there that could be in this “step yo game up” role. And there are. One or two of these may not exactly be in that role but may be in a role that will require them to elevate their game like never before.

WVHooligan’s Pre-Season Step Up List:

  1. Eddie Gaven. Columbus Crew – Gaven is still young, only 20 years old, but he came into the league with such promise and even delivered after his first two but since he landed in Columbus its been a little downhill. I believe 2007 could be looking up for Gaven and the Crew. The addition of Andy Herron up top will help Gaven play in the midfield. Still I don’t expect greatness out of the Crew but I do expect a lot more.
  2. Amado Guevara. Chivas USA – Here is someone who has what it takes no matter where he is and now he is in LA with Chivas. I liked the move initially until Bob Bradley left for the US National Team. However, with Preki at the helm I still believe Guevara can be special with what the Goats have. The spotlight in that stadium won’t be on him since someone from England is coming over to play with the stadium sister, LA Galaxy. He has to lead this team and that may not be the easiest of tasks.
  3. Kenny Cooper. FC Dallas – Yeah, Cooper is on this list. Hard to believe a Hoops fan would call out a solid Hoops player but its real simple on why he has to step up even more this season. The target is now on his back and if he wants to take the Hoops to where they should be, the MLS Cup, then he must bring it day in and day out. I believe Cooper is the right person to lead the Hoops too, his work ethic is almost unmatched in the league. Some may say I should put the Dallas defense or midfield on this list but that will be for another article.
  4. Conor Casey, Toronto FC – Casey is young, and should be the 2007 version of Kenny Cooper, but I believe he has to bring it early for this young club. Expansion clubs are always bad, and you can probably bet a good chunk of money that TFC won’t get more than 30 points this season. But if Casey brings it and elevates that offense and takes some load of that defense (or lack there of), then TFC could and probably will surprise some people.
  5. David Beck…no….Landon Donovan, LA Galaxy – Why Lando? He has to lead this team until Becks arrives and then continue to do so until the end of the season. The season for the Galaxy doesn’t solely rest on Beck’s right and left feet, the rely mostly on a determined Landon Donovan. Its a must if the Galaxy even want to think they have contention of getting back to the MLS promise land at RFK in late November.
  6. Eddie Johnson. Kansas City Wizards – I am not gonna lie. I am still waiting for Eddie to really show us something special. We have seen flashes of it in the past but not at a consistent rate. Eddie has to be the man in KC or I can bet vocal teammate Jimmy Conrad will be on his tail. I think all that hype on Eddie will fade away with a good season this year. I still believe he has to bring his A+ game all year to really turn some heads and get some of this negativity off his back.