The Mess That is Conor Casey

The Mess That is Conor Casey

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 5, 2007

Okay, sure the headline is a little leading but there is a real messy situation up north with Conor Casey and the MLS. believe it or not it is not a mess between Casey and his “team”, Toronto FC. The crap shoot lyes in the league office.

The league offices want Toronto to use their top allocation money on Casey. As I have mentioned before, TFC is at the top of the allocation list due to their club being an expansion club right over top of Columbus and Kansas City. The league feels Casey is worth the larger allocation dollars since he has played a few years overseas in Europe. TFC was the first club to stake their claim to Casey when he made notice he was returning to the country he calls home a couple months ago.

Largely I think there is more to the picture with this deal. TFC feels Casey is in a way worth the money but they want more out of that allocation than just Casey. Sure, head boss Mo Johnston said he would be willing to use the allocation money on Casey but I still feel there is more to the situation.

Back when Casey said he was coming home, his home state (who has a team), Colorado, was immediately an interested party but was unable to do so since the allocation list didn’t help them out. Being 7th on an already confusing list never helps any club.

Colorado couldn’t stake a claim to their home boy so Casey heads north. However, deep down in Toronto, the feeling wasn’t totally great. They got a stellar striker which is always nice but they wanted more. They wanted their hometown boy, Dwayne de Rosario. TFC has wanted DeRo for the longest time and thought at one point they could have had him. But as usual, the league probably stepped in and said “no”, thus pushing us into the mess that we are in.

No Casey in Colorado, meant no DeRo in Toronto. A deal like that would have instantly put the new club on the map, and left supporters down south in Houston shaking their heads (though I feel there would have been some good to come of it as they probably would have landed some large allocation dollars for it, thus equaling a better player). Thankfully for Dynamo lovers, DeRo is not going home to Canada and is staying put.

As for Casey, he will end up with that allocation money and Toronto will probably be left asking the question of “what if” for the time being.