Screw Becks Getting Hurt I Want To Talk About Busch Going To TFC

Screw Becks Getting Hurt I Want To Talk About Busch Going To TFC

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 5, 2007

Okay, I am not really that drunk. I may have been earlier when I discussed Conor Casey and that mess with the MLS league offices. However, Casey is now officially a member of TFC. And so is previously waived keeper Jon Busch! Woohooo. The Crew’s letting go of a solid keeper is now a Canadian’s gain.

But really, the real pressing issue for the league isn’t Conor Casey and allocation money. Its David Beckham’s knee. Reports indicate that Becks hurt his knee in a recent match against Getafe. He limped off the field in obvious pain. But as many know Becks is quite the actor.

How much of a killer is this for the league? And more importantly how much of a killer is this for the Galaxy? A team that is basing it’s next few seasons on Becks wants to know the answer to that question.

So far what we know is Becks will miss some games and probably six weeks or so. I wouldn’t be surprised if Becks decides himself, to miss a few more weeks than that and get himself ready for the summer ahead. You know he has a thousand people in his ear from this side of the world telling him to do things and right now the number one thing is to get healthy.

What is important now is Becks getting healthy and back in form for the MLS. If he does down any more with more serious injuries, then the league better have hoped there is a great insurance policy for all of that cash that they are throwing his way. I am sure there is some sort of policy in place but I know there won’t be a policy for what will happen to the league’s exposure if he doesn’t get to play in it.