FC Dallas Signs Columbia Midfielder

FC Dallas Signs Columbia Midfielder

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 1, 2007

Just announced on 3rdDegree (a wonderful site by the way), FCD has signed Colombian-midfielder Juan Carlos Toja on loan. Toja has been on trail with the Hoops since the team landed in Brazil for spring training.

This is the third straight season the Hoops have signed a South American youth player to their roster. Only one has paned out, Roberto Mina. Last year’s Argentine defender Marcos Charras played a little with the club before going home, he wasn’t panning out like the club originally thought he would. I am a little cautious about this move for the Hoops given their past with players on loan. I do think its a good move if it works out.

Dallas does need a midfielder thanks to the expansion draft/trade of Ronnie O’Brien to Toronto for now injured Serioux. This move kinda puts a blow to me for one of my favorite guys, Aaron Pitchkolen. Pitch will more than likely be waved or offered a development contract if this deal goes as planed. For someone who saw Pitch play in college (he’s a WVU kid), it hurts to see him have to wonder if there is a spot on the roster for him. Just bad timing I guess but that is how the business goes sometimes.

Toja will complete the midfield for the Hoops a little more anyways. Also, Dallas is expected to possibly sign another South American. Another Argentine defender, who they have had on trail for a couple weeks. I will be keeping a close eye on that.

However, the move also means a little bit of shifting the weight around the club. Toja will have to take a youth international spot on the roster. FCD has already used up all four youth spots, but with Shaka Hislop getting his green card that does free up a senior international spot. The Hoops could move one of the youth internationals up to senior status, or if they are lucky Ramon Nunez could get his green card and free up a youth international spot. He is really close these days to a green card.

Those green cards are sooooo important to a MLS team if they want international players. It frees up spots on the teams rosters. It just stinks that every country has their own guidelines for obtaining them, as well as long timetables to get them.