Player Movement Update

Player Movement Update

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 28, 2007

A lot of moves taking place in the coming day or so due to deadlines and what not. I will try my best to keep tabs on them and give an update throughout the day if I can. Updated items will be bold faced when I get them.
If you notice any names and moves that I have missed just comment below and I will get them added as soon as I can.

So where we go:


Ryan Coiner (trade w/Columbus)

Chivas USA
David Arvizu (trade w/New York)
Edwin Borboa (Chivas – Mexico)
Jorge Barrera (Chivas – Mexico)
Maykel Galindo (Seattle Sounders – USL)
Amado Guevara (trade w/New York)

Andy Herron (trade w/Chicago)
Will Hesmer (trade w/Toronto)
Stefani Miglioranzi (trade w/LA)
Danny O’Rourke (trade w/Toronto)

Roberto Brown (Tacuarembó FC – Uruguay)
Herculez Gomez (trade w/LA)
Ugo Ihemelu (trade w/LA)
Yherland McDonald (Fredrikstad FK – Norway)
Brandon Prideaux (trade w/DC)
Greg Vanney (trade w/Dallas)

Andrew Daniels (signed)
Sandi Gbandi (signed)
Scott Jones (signed)
Tommy Krizanovic (signed)

Adrian Serioux (trade w/Toronto)
Rod Dyachenko (trade w/Toronto)
Luciano Emilio (Olimpia- Honduras)
Jay Nolly (trade w/Salt Lake)

Jordan James (Cincinnati Kings – USL2)

Kansas City
Kevin Hartman (trade w/LA)

Los Angeles
David Beckham (Real Madrid – Spain)
Joe Cannon (trade w/Colorado)
Nate Jaqua (trade w/Toronto)

New England
Amaechi Igwe (superdraft)
Ryan Solle (superdraft)
Wells Thompson (superdraft)

New York
Eric Denton (claimed off waivers)
Tim Regan (trade w/Toronto)
Claudio Reyna (Machester City – England)
David Van Den Bergh (trade w/KC)
Ronald Waterreus (AZ Alkmaar – Holland)

Salt Lake
Freddy Adu (trade w/DC)
Kyle Brown (trade w/New England)
Jason Kreis (trade w/Toronto)
Chris Lancos (Kaiserslautern – Germany)
Nick Rimando (trade w/DC and NY)
Luis Tejada (Plaza Amador – Panama)

Richard Asante (signed)
Adam Braz (Montreal Impact – USL 1st Division)
Andrew Boyens (signed)
Edson Buddle (trade w/New York)
Jose Cancela (Expansion Draft – New England)
Conor Casey (FC Mainz – Germany) * still has yet to report to camp *
Rod Dyachenko (Expansion Draft – DC)
Alecko Eskandarian (trade w/DC)
Abbe Ibrahim (trade w/NY)
Nate Jaqua (Expansion Draft – Chicago)
Jason Kreis (Expansion Draft – Salt Lake)
Ritchie Kotschau (Expansion Draft – Columbus)
Chris Pozniak (Haugesund – Norway)
Paulo Nagamura (Expansion Draft – Los Angeles)
Ronnie O’Brien (trade w/Dallas)
Danny O’Rourke (Expansion Draft – New York)
Marco Reda (Sogndal – Norway)
Carl Robinson (Norwich City – England)
Tim Regan (Expansion Draft – Chivas USA)
Adrian Serioux (Expansion Draft – Houston)
Greg Sutton (Montreal Impact – USL 1st Division)
Will Hesmer (Expansion Draft – Kansas City)


Craig Capano – on trial with Red Bulls
Ryan Coiner (retired)
Leonard Griffin – on trial with Columbus
Andy Herron (trade w/Columbus)
Nate Jaqua (Expansion Draft)
Tony Sanneh – contract not renewed
Zach Thornton- contract not renewed
John Thorrington – option not picked up

Chivas USA
Juan Pablo Garcia (Tigres – Mexico)
Johnny Garcia (Jaguares – Mexico)
Jesús Morales (Chivas – Mexico)
Francisco Palencia (Pumas – Mexico)
Tim Regan (Expansion Draft)

Ivan Becerra (waived)
Jon Busch (waived)

Knox Cameron (waived)
Ryan Coiner (trade w/Chicago)
Ritchie Kotschau (Expansion Draft)
Chris Leitch (waived)
Noah Palmer (waived)
Jose Retiz (waived)
Sebastian Rozental (Maccabi Petah Tikvah – Israel)
Eric Vazquez (Miami FC – USL)
Johnny Walker (retired)

Joe Cannon (trade w/LA)
Eric Denton (waived)
Luchi Gonzalez (Miami FC – USL 1st division)
Sasha Gotsmanov (waived)
Aaron King (waived)
Thiago Martins (Bodø/Glimt – Norway)
Alain Nkong (waived)
Melvin Tarley (waived)

Jeff Cassar (retired)
Ronnie O’Brien (trade w/Toronto)
Justin Moore (turned down devl. contract)
Alex Smith (waived)
Simo Valakari (out of contract)
Greg Vanney (trade w/Colorado)

Freddy Adu (trade w/Salt Lake)
Matias Donnet (Belgrano – Argentina)
Rod Dyachenko (Expansion Draft)
Alecko Eskandarian (trade w/Toronto)
Andy Metcalf (waived)
Matt Nickell (waived)
Brandon Prideaux (trade w/Colorado)
Nick Rimando (trade w/Salt Lake)
Robert Ssejjemba (waived)
David Stokes (waived…could be headed to USL)

Chris Aloisi (waived)
Adrian Serioux (Expansion Draft)

Kansas City
Will Hesmer (Expansion Draft)
Ryan McHahen (waived)
Bo Oshoniyi (waived)
Sergei Raad (waived)
Brian Roberts (retired)
Stephen Shirley (waived)
David Van Den Bergh (trade w/NY)
Josh Wolff (1860 Munich – Germany)
Alex Zotinca (wavied)

Los Angeles
Michael Enfield (waived)
Cornell Glen (waived)
Herculez Gomez (trade w/Colorado)
Guillermo Gonzalez (waived)
Josh Hansen (waived)
Kevin Hartman (trade w/Kansas City)
Ugo Ihemelu (trade w/Colorado)
Stefani Miglioranzi (trade w/Columbus)
Paulo Nagamura (Expansion Draft)
Josh Saunders (waived)

New England
José Manuel Abundis (out of contract)
Kyle Brown (trade w/Salt Lake)
Jose Cancela (Expansion Draft)
Clint Dempsey (Fulham – England)
Jani Galik (waived)
Pat Haggerty (waived)
Adam Williamson (waived)
Danny Wynn (waived)

New York
David Arvizu (trade w/Chivas)
Edson Buddle (trade w/Toronto)
Peter Canero (waived)
Jordan Cila (retired)
Youri Djorkaeff (retired)
Amado Guevara (trade w/Chivas)
Chris Henderson (waived – later retired)
Abbe Ibrahim (trade w/Toronto)
Steve Jolley (waived – later retired)
Mark Lisi (retired)
Tony Meola (waived)
Nick Rimando (trade w/RSL)
Danny O’Rourke (Expansion Draft)

Salt Lake
Adam Acosta (waived)
Nelson Akwari (unspecified Russian team)
Jacob Besagno (waived)
Scott Garlick (retired)
Cameron Knowles (waived)
Jason Kreis (Expansion Draft)
Jay Nolly (trade w/DC)
Douglas Sequeira (Tromso – Norway)
Jafet Soto (waived)
Seth Trembly (waived)

Rod Dyachenko (trade w/DC)
Will Hesmer (trade w/Columbus)
Ritchie Kotschau (waived)
Nate Jaqua (trade w/LA)
Jason Kreis (trade w/Salt Lake)
Danny O’Rourke (trade w/Columbus)
Tim Regan (trade w/New York)
Adrian Serioux (trade w/Dallas)

  • Tom Respord

    Not sure, but Kyle Veris(LA Galaxy) is not listed on the roster any more.

  • Tom Respord

    Not sure, but Kyle Veris(LA Galaxy) is not listed on the roster any more.