MLS One Step Closer to Return to Bay Area

MLS One Step Closer to Return to Bay Area

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 28, 2007

The San Jose Mercury News reported that a deal between San Jose State University and Lee Wolff (Oakland A’s owner and developer) would bring a new stadium to the Bay Area to possible get the MLS franchise back.

The deal calls for a multi-use facility that will house 30,000 seats for the college’s football team and a 23,000 for the MLS side. The $80 million facility is scheduled to tentatively open in 2009. There is still a lot of work to be done to get a final deal on the table but from what it sounds like the ball is rolling in a good direction.

I am a little bit sketchy of the deal itself however. The two teams would be partners and would share the stadium. In the past it was the school that was really keeping the MLS club from getting it’s own place and making money. If this deal works out for the MLS and for the club in San Jose then the school has to let the profits go where they need to go (not being in their own pockets like before). Some people may worry over football lines being noticeable on the pitch before a soccer game but that is the least of my concern. I just want the MLS side to work and make money there, unlike before.

If the deal happens, which I do think it will. We will see the MLS back in the Bay Area. Which is great. I still wish the league had not left the area to begin with. I still believe whole-heartedly that if the league had found a way to stay in the Bay Area, we would currently be talking about a new expansion side in Houston. I always knew the league would end up there, it was just a matter of time.

I just hope this deal works out and the ClashQuakes return. 2008? Doubtful, but who knows. But 2009? I would put some money on it.