FIFA Pres Puts US in Lead for 2018

FIFA Pres Puts US in Lead for 2018

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 28, 2007

I caught this story earlier in the day and didn’t look into it much until I came across it again. FIFA President Sepp Blatter has gone out and said that the US is the leading site for the 2018 Cup. His comments basically show that FIFA is willing to part from the old country for three straight World Cups and not include the US (along with Mexico and Canada) in the “Americas” selection of the 2014 Cub.

His comment’s also basically lower the hopes of England and Australia, two countries that have expressed interest in the summer classic in 2018. It also shows that FIFA is sticking to a rotation between areas. Thus meaning a current rotation dating back to 2002 could sound something like :Asia (2002), Europe (2006), Africa (2010), South America (2014), and North America (2018). I assume if this is the case Europe would get something in 2022. I couldn’t imagine there not being a Cup hosted in Europe for almost 20 years. That would be weird really.

Blatter is basically sticking it to England (a country that most believe and feel he dislikes a lot) and to surprisingly Europe (FIFA is based in Switzerland).

He wants to stick to a rotation and it will definitely be a hot topic later this year when FIFA officials meet in South Africa. I find it hard to believe that FIFA will keep Europe from having another World Cup until 2022. That is a long, long ways away. I do still believe the US will get a Cup in the next ten years or so, either be 2014 or 2018. I do love the fact that the current FIFA President is backing the US. He knows the money that can be generated if the Cup is back here.

Money talks and it looks like at least for now FIFA is listening and wisely so.