2006 MLS Salaries

2006 MLS Salaries

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 28, 2007

I always love it when the Washington Post releases information regarding the MLS and what players make per season. It adds to the fire of how poorly some players are getting paid to play and how over priced some are.

Just some quick notes about what I have gathered from this:

Highest Paid: Juan Fransisco Palencia (base of 692,308 and Guaranteed 1,360,000)

Most Bang for Buck:  Kenny Cooper (base of 57,750 and Guaranteed the same) *first year in league…but very underpaid*

Overpaid Player(s): Clint Mathis (Guaranteed:410,000) and Eddie Johnson (Guaranteed:875,000)

Most Underpaid: Troy Perkins (Guaranteed: 29,400) *He was given a pay rise this off season*

Those were just a few things I noticed. Other than that we all know with the player movements of this off season, there are a good bit of changed to the salaries. I always enjoy looking into them though. Especially after a season to see who was getting the most of their worth.

As for the team that won it all, Houston, I have to say they have a pretty even dispersal of pay, which may be a reason for their success.