Ching Talks about Loss

Ching Talks about Loss

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 26, 2007

For one I was totally surprised to see that Houston Dynamo forward Brain Ching not appear in the line up last week against Punteranes. In his blog (linked above) he talks about the trip and how his health is.
Fitness was an issue with Ching as well as most of the club I would assume in the loss. It amazes me that none of this was reported. Not by MLS, Houston, or any random blog like this one.

But in Ching-y’s blog he talks more about the resort that the club stayed at then the game itself. I know some players hate discussing a loss and he may be one of them but in a way it sounds like the club was having too good of a time at this all inclusive resort than focusing on the task at hand; beating their opponent in a big club competition. Now I am not assuming the worst here because I am sure they were ready, I am just a bit worried at the teams focus. It sounded like more of a vacation than going to play a game for me.

You can read into it all you want and interpret it your own way. Boy, it sure is a slow news day around the league if this is all I am talking about. I could have talked about Beckham’s salary a little bit but that just seems to be getting old by now.