2014 Cup vs. 2018 Cup

2014 Cup vs. 2018 Cup

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 24, 2007

With this past week’s announcement from the Washington Post about the USSF possibly getting the 2018 World Cup, it has had me thinking for the last few days.

Sure there is a great speculation about which stadiums could be used. For the most part  you could use a stadium that was built since the last World Cup in the US back in 1994. There is a whole slue of stadiums with plenty of money in them that is ready to be made with another World Cup. Remember in 1994 when the US set attendance records with a bunch of old stadiums. Fast forward to this past year’s Cup over in Germany. Good solid European settings only produced the third highest attended Cup in history.

But looking at the 2018 Cup, one has to think that FIFA and more importantly Europe does not want the US to get the Cup. Since the World Cup started back in 1930, the World Cup has never gone two straight trips outside of the Old Country.

You have to believe England, Spain, Holland, Portugal, and maybe even Italy would love to have the World Cup back in Europe in 2018. Germany held the Cup in 2006, do you really believe Europe will have to wait until 2022 to get the Cup back on its soil? I highly doubt. Even with the “new rules” about certain places getting in line for the Cup.

Which comes back to 2014.

The USSF may not be focusing all their attention on 2014, but they probably should. Brazil may be the lead role in the tango for this Cup but the US could take the lead any day now. Brazil has a fledgling economy, stadiums are in major need of repair, and most have to think that though they are in the lead right now it could disappear any day.

The US is a good safety net for FIFA in 2014 and even in 2010. Again there are more stadiums that are open and ready for use that could generate more money and attendance than ever before.

2014 for the US sounds a little better than 2018 really. For one its a little closer on the calendar and it gives FIFA a reason to go to Europe in 2018 like many believe could happen anyways.

The revenue is ready in America, all FIFA has to do is see it and act on it this November.