Garlick to Retire

Garlick to Retire

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 21, 2007

In some surprising news to me, keeper for RSL, Scott Garlick is announced his retirement today. I got to say this was a move I am a little bit floored by. I always felt Garlick was one of the better keepers in the MLS. He won’t be one of the best in the league history but he will always be a solid choice between the pipes.

For RSL, it makes you wonder now why they let go of Nick Rimando if they knew Garlick was on his way out. I guess they may have had their eye on a Zack Thornton or  John Conway. Maybe. I do believe though it is time to give the job between the pipes to young Chris Seitz. As I mentioned earlier today, Seitz is a solid keeper that RSL should try and lock up for a few years.

I wouldn’t doubt that RSL will go into the market for a keeper though. Always have to have a backup plan.