Citibank to Sponsor Galaxy?

Citibank to Sponsor Galaxy?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 21, 2007

Talks since the signing of David Beckham, have mostly been of his monster contract and who and how the MLS was going to pay for it. Well it looks as though, the jersey that #23 will be wearing may just pay for itself.

The bidding war between Citibank and Herbalife are currently going on and reports indicate that Citibank is going to offer a monster bid: five years, $49 million.

That is some serious dough for a name across the chest.

Just for some perspectives here. If you look at some other major clubs around the world. AIG pays Manchester United 56 million pounds for 4 years, Samsung spends about 10 million a year to have their name on EPL champion Chelsea and in Italy, Tamoil spends about 15 million a year on Juventus.

That possible $49 million makes a player like David Beckham all the worth getting if you are the MLS. It seems on first glance that he could break the piggy bank for the MLS, but when you have sellouts throughout the country and jersey deals like this, there is no reason why this deal isn’t a bad deal at all.