Busy Night Ahead

Busy Night Ahead

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 21, 2007

For two MLS teams, it is a very important and busy night coming up.

Both matches for DC and Houston in the CONCACAF Champions Cup are very intriguing. For DC, they will bring their newly acquired Luciano Emilio back his former club Olympia. It should be a good match up but DC and Emilio are not expecting a warm welcome. Olympia wasn’t exactly thrilled to see their striker head off to the states to only then return to play them in a very important international competition. The black-and-red seem a little more focused this time around on these international cups (they have had their run before), which could bode well for the MLS.

The other CONCACAF Champions Cup game pits MLS Champion Houston against Costa Rican side Puntarenas. Now Costa Rica is a tough venue no matter what team you are playing. The MLS teams that have competed in this competition have had many and I do mean many struggles in Costa Rica in the past. But Houston could be the breakthrough the league needs to send a team (or maybe two) to the later stages of this competition. Houston has been playing pretty well thus far this pre-season.

WVH Predictions: Houston 1 Puntarenas 0

DC 2, Olympia 1

Other games of note tonight, the US U23 National team has their first game in over three years. Could be interesting to see how exactly they fair.

Also, there is this little Club championship in Europe going on that everyone keeps talking about. Something about Liverpool and Barcelona getting it on. I don’t know. It’s going to be a busy Wednesday nonetheless.