World Cup in the US in 2018? or 2014?

World Cup in the US in 2018? or 2014?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 20, 2007
The Washington Post reported today that the USSF is looking to place a bid for the 2018 World Cup. However, if Brazil and Columbia’s bids to host the 2014 World Cup fails through, then FIFA may grant the USSF the Cup.

Early reports indicate that Brazil, who is the front runner for the 2014 Cup, won’t be able to be ready for the event. Many of Brazil’s stadiums are looking bad and would have to be renovated for the event. Something FIFA isn’t too keen on because it is more money that has to be used to host the event when the country could be spending it on something else like promoting it.

Since the success of the 1994 Cup in the US, the USSF has been looking to get the Cup back in America thanks in part to the increase in interest in the sport, growing attendance, the growth of the MLS, and the rise of the national team. Secondly, FIFA loves the fact that the US already has many, and I do mean many stadiums that are ready to go if the Cup were to start tomorrow.

The Cup won’t be played in any of the MLS’s stadiums since they are deemed too small to host, but that won’t stop the USSF from putting the Cup back in America at the various NFL Stadiums.

If the US is granted the 2014 Cup host later this November, you can begin the speculation about which NFL Stadium should host the Cup’s games. Naturally you have to figure on New York (well…New Jersey), LA (at the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl), Chicago (Soldier Field), Dallas (probably the new Cowboy’s Stadium), Boston (Foxboro), DC (Fedex Field), and then after that you can probably guess. I would say Phoenix, Seattle, San Fransisco (if the 49ers get a new place), Houston, and Denver. Though you could make a case for Columbus being a host since they are a MLS city.

The speculation and the guessing will have to be just that until November when the host is announced. Either way, the US has a good chance of hosting a Cup in the next 10 or 12 years!