Bradley to get promoted?

Bradley to get promoted?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 19, 2007

Word around the bend is that the USSF is looking at finally removing the interim tag from Bob Bradley’s name and officially make him the Head Coach of the US Men’s National Team.

If all of these reports are true, and I am starting to believe they are, then I can say it is about freakin’ time. I really never enjoyed the label of interim coach with Bradley, though I can understand giving a new coach that tag to give him a try out stage.

Well, two games into his tenure and I can say it is probably well worth removing.

Again, if it is true…it’s about freakin’ time! Congrats Bob!

Update: Well, now all appears to be a false alarm yet again for this story. I had a feeling it was probably too good to be true. Now back to the question of when’s and if’s this will happen in the near future. My guess is still probably later on this spring and into summer with Gold Cup and Copa America on tap for the US.