Gateway City Hopes for MLS

Gateway City Hopes for MLS

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 15, 2007

Expansion hopeful St. Louis is looking more and more like a strong candidate for the MLS.

Investor Jeff Cooper, who recently tried to purchase Mormon-side Real Salt Lake before the Sandy Stadium deal was reached is going to be spending more money on finding out if St. Louis can handle a multi-use stadium, that would primarily house a MLS team in the Gateway City.

Cooper is hoping to get the stadium in the city with no cost to the local tax-payers. Smart move, if it can be done. Cooper has vowed to bring a team to the city and is hoping to do so by next year. He believes they can get a stadium in place by then. If they can get a 20,000 seat stadium by next season then they will be doing something right.

I would love to see a team in the Midwest to rival Chicago and Kansas City. The city is rich with soccer history and it is a pretty decent sports town. Before the last couple months I was never a big believer in the city for a MLS team but as this story has picked up steam I am liking it more and more.

It is well documented that the MLS wants three more teams by the end of the decade. If that is so, one could speculate that St. Louis could easily be next.

There is no official word from the league yet on who is the next expansion site. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the next expansion set of teams is next year with two more and who knows, they may go full force and bring in three if they can, all at once. It wouldn’t totally blow my mind if the league pulled that. I do know that San Jose is really pushing for their team to come back.

And that would leave one more spot. New York City is being talked. Milwaukee has been in the mix, along with Cleveland. And one cannot forget the Philly stadium proposal in South Jersey. Personally, I am still waiting for a team in the great northwest. Deep down I have always wanted to see the MLS engulf some of the USL-division 1 teams like Seattle, Vancouver (who is apparently building a stadium in hopes for a MLS bid one day), Rochester (another team that built it’s own house in hopes to bid one day), and maybe, just maybe even Minnesota.

Its a dream, a real far fetched dream. Though for St. Louis and possibly even San Jose, the dream is slowly coming true.