Powder Blues for the Hoops?

Powder Blues for the Hoops?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 14, 2007

I came across this photo of FC Dallas coach Steve Morrow on DallasSoccerNews.com.

Is it me or does it look as though the Hoops will be sporting a powder blue on the road this year. In a way I wanted change to the road jersey but I think this could be a step in the wrong direction. I hope this is merely a practice kit or a third kit that we will rarely see in action.

I would however like to see the whole look of the kit and not just a side view. And maybe, this is just an old photo being used and the jersey isn’t a real one for the team at all.

I will keep you all posted with this.

  • Bonji

    Could be a keepers jersey.

  • Could be a keepers jersey.