Current Allocation List

Current Allocation List

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 12, 2007

I came across this after a little bit of searching. Mainly I was curious about the Conor Casey move to Toronto and who really had the dibs to get him besides the expansion side. None the less here is an updated list for your enjoyment.

TEAM Reason

  1. Toronto Expansion
  2. Columbus Missing 06 playoffs
  3. Kansas City Missing 06 playoffs
  4. DC United (from RSL) Missing 06 playoffs (split allocation)
  5. Los Angeles Missing 06 playoffs
  6. Toronto (via NYRB) Team record 06 (for finishing 4th in East)
  7. Colorado Team record 06 (for finishing 4th in West)
  8. DC United (via RSL) Competition Committee (Adu trade)
  9. Kansas City (via RSL) Missing 05 playoffs (split allocation)
  10. Columbus Missing 05 playoffs
  11. FC Dallas (From KC) Missing 05 playoffs (split allocation)
  12. New England Dempsey transfer (split allocation)
  13. Chicago Damani Ralph transfer (split allocation)
  14. Red Bulls Jean Philippe Peguero transfer (split allocation)
  15. Houston (from Dallas) Etcheverry retirement (DC to Dallas to Houston)
  16. NE Revs (from Columbus) Brian McBride transfer
  17. FC Dallas (From KC) Preki retirement
  18. DC United (via LA-NY-Chivas) Missing 05 playoffs (split allocation)
  19. DC United (from NYRB) Jean Philippe Peguero transfer (split allocation)
  20. DC United (from Toronto) Expansion
  21. Toronto Expansion
  22. Toronto (from Columbus) Missing 05 playoffs (split allocation)
  23. Red Bulls (from Toronto, RSL) Missing 06 playoffs (split allocation)
  24. LA Galaxy (from Toronto, LA) Missing 06 playoffs (split allocation)
  25. LA Galaxy (from NE) Dempsey transfer (split allocation)

A lot of allocation dollars for DC to spend and well as Toronto. Then again looking at how things have shaken up this off season for the Black and Red, the allocation is pretty justified (trading Adu, Eskandarian, and Quaranta would add this much I would guess). I still would have loved to see Columbus step up and make a push for a good player like Conor Casey. Sad really that they haven’t.

Though I would imagine this list would be changing my the minute with the Beckham rule in place. LA has some allocation dollars at the end of the list but you have to think those will disappear soon, same for Red Bull’s dollars that they are using on Reyna and other players that they are in talks with.