Grades of the US – Mexico Game

Grades of the US – Mexico Game

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 8, 2007

I won’t go into all the pluses and minuses for everyone on the US team for last night’s game against Mexico. It wouldn’t be totally fair to everyone but I will throw out a few guys that really caught my attention and played well from what I got to see.

(This list is in no particular order either)

  1. Jonathan Borestein – I love watching this kid play, I really do, his speed was killing Mexico on the wing in the second half. I love the youth movement with the National team squad and this kid is a perfect example. I give kudos to Bob Bradley for sticking with this kid for another game too.
  2. Landon Donovan – Boy, there is something special when Lando plays Mexico. He always seems to know how to find one little whole or seem against the Mexican defense and get a goal now doesn’t he? Plus I love how he was used last night, time and time again we have said that Landon needs the ball at his feet and attacking people and now the ball at his feet with his back against a defender. We got to see how good he was with the ball at his feet last night.
  3. Timmy Howard – Gosh, I love Timmy in net. You can see so much confidence in his play these days opposed to a couple years ago with the National Team. Just solid play between the pipes, again, he is the future goalie for the next World Cup.
  4. Jimmy Conrad – What can you say about Conrad? Perfect position on the corner kick. What else is fun is seeing him step up as a vocal leader on this side. Sure he hasn’t been with the National Team all that much but he is taking on a role that suits him perfectly.
  5. Pablo Mastroeni -   Hometown boy last night played well. Definitely showed his experience out on the pitch last night.

Good looking crowd too last night…even if it was 50,000 Mexicans to 13,000 US supporters. But Phoenix, please don’t start calling for a MLS team now that you hosted a big time soccer match.