Sandy Stadium still a float

Sandy Stadium still a float

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 7, 2007

State lawmakers revived Real Salt Lake’s future in Utah with a financing package approved by senators Tuesday.

The legislation – which still needs House approval – would divert $35 million in hotel taxes to buy land and upgrade infrastructure in Sandy for a $110 million soccer stadium.

This is wonderful news for RSL. The state senate in Utah has almost screwed over this young club time and time again but thankfully the team, for now, will remain in Utah and will get a brand new stadium in 2009.

This is huge news really for the team, the league and the USSF. The US National Team has played a couple games in Utah and the fan base there is great. For a club that has basically stuck up the place for its first two seasons has a great supporting casts. A new stadium like this one above would be more than the club needs to get on the right path.

I love the direction the club is taking. They will be the first club in the league to wear a sponsor on the front of the jersey and the the back or the sleeves. Xango will sponsor the club for the next few seasons.

I just hope these two things improve the club and get them good enough to make playoff pushes and what not. The league needs this club to stay in Utah if you ask me. Like I said the fan base is there, that isn’t in some markets right now. And let’s be honest, if the Sandy Stadium looks like this one above, it will be wonderful for the league and it could be the best stadium in the league.