US v. Mexico Preview

US v. Mexico Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 6, 2007

I got to say I am excited. Not because tomorrow is my birthday, but because its because USA plays Mexico out in Arizona. I love this matchup and I always will. If you want a true rivalry in world soccer, this is one of the best. Its like two brothers battling it out for a contential dominance.

This game is different for various reasons. Bob Bradley will go into his first US-Mexico game with a lot of MLS flavor with some European guys thrown in the mix. From top to bottom, its a dominate MLS side that I think Bradley knows can win. Bradley is putting a lot of his coaching job on the line with this lineup. I still believe he is the man for the job. Other than Jurge possibly coaching the US, I felt Bradley was the best man to take the job. He is someone who knows the ropes with the MLS and he knows how to get the most out of good players.

Anyways, I know this will be a tough match tomorrow night. Probably even a draw, but there is nothing wrong with the US drawing Mexico tomorrow. Losing wouldn’t be good but it wouldn’t be a total killer either.

As far as the lineup goes, look for Tim Howard to start in the net. Timmy has been playing really well with Everton FC this season. That will go a long way for the US when it comes to qualifying for 2010. The US needs a good spirited Tim Howard in net to be successful in getting into the Cup again. Not that guys like Joe Cannon (his possible backup for tomorrow) aren’t good enough to do the job. Timmy is and has been the guy that the US had been planning on leaning on for future World Cups. It starts now if you ask me.

Defensively I like where Bradley is going with the team. Again it comes down to getting the most out of players and he did just that against Denmark a couple weeks ago. Probably guess to see Chris Albright, Jonanthan Borestein, Carlos Bucanegro, and Eddie Robinson in the back starting out. Maybe Jimmy Conrad over Borestein, but I know Bradley loves Borestein, the kid scored his first goal in National Team colors against Denmark in his first cap for the team. What isn’t to like about the kid really.

In the mid-field you can bet on seeing Richardo Clark, Clint Dempsey, Bobby Convey and probably Pablo Mastroani. Up top, your guess is as good as mine but I will say Landon Donovan and Eddie Johnson.

As for Donovan, he has to show that the World Cup is behind him. He slowly got to do that with the LA Galaxy at the end of the MLS season but now more than ever is the best time for him to shake that off.

Again, its a tough one to draw up but you have to like the home side anytime in this series. But look for the draw.