Colorado…what’s in the name?

Colorado…what’s in the name?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 6, 2007

Apparently over the past week or so the Colorado Rapids are rebranding themselves. For one I enjoy the new look colors that they are going to be using but on further look and rumors that are running rampid throughout the internet world, is that their name could be changing as well. Now I know the new stadium opens up soon and that could be a reason why or as I just mentioned in another post, it is because they are catching up to the times and becoming a little more respectable with their name.

Now I like the Rapids name, even though they have been an enomy to my beloved Hoops. But I have liked their colors and styles for years now, even though they change colors as much as it snows in the winter.

First I just want to show what they may be looking like this coming season:

Not bad eh? Very West Ham looking. I like it.

Now over time lets look at the logos:

coloradorapids3.gif Orginal Logo until 2001. Old school now if you will.

colorado_rapids_logo.gif Latest Logo…one I have actually enjoyed the looks of, simple yet not too weird.

newrapids1.jpg Now this is apparently the new logo, I love it. Very classy.

But…is it this?

arsenalcoloradofc_logo.jpg Are they going to be called Aresnal Colorado FC? Or Colorado Aresnal?

Some are asking why they could change to that sort of name. Really it boils down to their new home, the Dick Sporting Goods Park. It is built on the Colorado Aresenal Reserve. It makes sense to me really. If this were an expansion team it would totally make sense and to me it does makes sense.

So when will this be offical? Probably later this month. It gives people like myself something to be interested in for another week or two.